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The Will Power Clinic The Will Power Clinic is a new psychological instrument to help you find order and unity in your emotional and intellectual life, and to gain insight into your own thoughts and actions. Now, because of advances in technology, you can test yourself on line in the privacy of your home or office. Please respond to each and every question or your results will be inaccurate. Do not spend too much time thinking over each question. Give the first, natural response as it comes to you. In some cases, the questions may be too short to give you all the information you may want, pick the response that most readily comes to mind then move on. Never ask others to answer the questions for you. The Chest Piece "The time gains distinctly different dimensions as experienced here and there. Thoughts follow paths charted in mutually exclusive languages. The space manifests itself in ways as drastically opposing as the difference between touching and being touched." The Electric Posters For you and your family's living pleasure! In easy-to-follow words, show-how pictures and can't go wrong projects, Electric Posters explain just how enjoyable life can be. Imagine your joy in seeing beautiful things come to life! For your maximum enjoyment, please adhere to the Viewing Suggestions. The Folkways Archive "Posters are a universal medium, easy and inexpensive to produce. Properly placed, they cannot be avoided. They are generally emotionally colored, intended primarily to influence emotions and gain emotional support. The message of a poster should be clear and normally should occupy the topical center of the poster so that it will be read first. Slogans should be highlighted. The use of pictures and illustrations should be directly related to the main propaganda point of the message; it should add unity, implying support for the message." Amends Seven Daily Exercises for those who want to start each day with a few minutes of thought and meditation. Ding an sich "We can know nothing except the appearances of things; the senses reach only phenomena; judgment does not go any deeper than the senses, so far as the external world is concerned; science and philosophy fail utterly in the effort to reach a knowledge of substance (noumenon), or essence, and the attempts of metaphysics to teach us what the soul is, what matter is, what God is, have failed and are doomed to inevitable failure." HARVEST "Once human freedom and creativity have taken priority over everything else in our consciousness, it will then be possible for truly democratic equality to evolve." (jb) POISON "In our modern day, the inventive genius of man perfected a machinery of communication which, while speeding up and extending the influence of information and ideas, gave propagandists a quick and efficient sysytem for the spread of their appeals. This technical equipement can be used in the interest of peace and international good will." On Contradiction "Dialectics is the teaching which shows how opposites can be and how they happen to be (how they become) identical--under what conditions they are identical, transforming themselves into one another--why the human mind should take these opposites not as dead, rigid, but as living, conditional, mobile, transforming themselves into one onother." The Unchangeable A Screen Play in One Act/Three Scenes. "Those in servitude to any kind of fear, or who are carrying burdens of grief, poverty, disappointment, anxiety, or melancholia, will find The Unchangeable a free and sovereign remedy. To any who are overcome by, or in danger of yielding to envy, jealousy, or crime, it furnishes not only an antidote but a radical cure. There are no limitations to its power." (Note that images at the end of each page link you to the subsequent pages.) The Preamble (Plate VII) "Verily, when a person departs from this world, he goes to the air. It opens out there for him like the hole of a chariot wheel. Through that he goes upwards. He reaches the moon. It opens out there for him like the hole of a drum. He is becoming one, he does not see, they say; he is becoming one, he does not speak, they say; he is becoming one, he does not hear, they say; he is becoming one, he does not think, they say; he is becoming one, he does not know, they say." The Fire Serpents Habit makes us what we are. Every act and every thought grooves the path which we shall take when the emergency leaps out from the ambush upon us. For this reason it is critical for us to prepare for the event before it arrives. It's too late to get insurance when the house is afire. For your maximum enjoyment, please adhere to the Viewing Suggestions. "Wegiel"/"Coal" (The Process) "Wegiel"/"Coal" explores relationships between the concepts of language, culture and forgetting, as well as the tendencies of abandonment and relocation in the context of human memory. It consists of three parallel experience platforms: The Situation (an installation in a gallery space), The Manual (a printed book-work) and The Process (a WWW composition). Each part of "Coal" fulfills the remaining two. Each area, however, is an independent conceptual entity, challenging the subtle balances between the notions of verbal and visual, foreign and familiar, understandable and obscure. The Final Analysis "Life as a whole, from the simplest to the most complex organisms, including man, is a long series of equilibrations with the environment -- equilibrations which reach the highest degree of complexity. And the time will come, distant or not, when mathematical analysis based on natural science will express in majestic formulas of equation all these equilibrations, including, in the final analysis, itself." Moving Force A visual statement of infinite capacity. V The Victory page is designed as The Spleen's contribution to the Webtronix - an art project originated in Brussels, Belgium by the ISDM, attempting to establish "[...] an infinite, interactive artwork in progress, maintaining an ongoing aesthetic dialogue within the web-community worldwide." "It is a message of good cheer to all the People, to let Them know that They have behind Them art workers who will not flinch or weary of the struggle."

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