David Siegel's
High Five Award
September 1995

"Piotr Szyhalski teaches at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He has a master's degree in poster design and a knock-out web site. It's engrossing. You'll find yourself in the guts of his site, wondering which way is up and not caring if you ever leave. His graphics are world class, his writing is right on, his message is artfully expressed, and his technical abilities exceed mine.
For those who think the Web is a visual desert, Piotr's site is an oasis. If you have limited time, start with The Preamble. This site is so good, you should really see everything. The Posters would be my next choice, then I would drink in the other vessels. I implore you to go all the way through these exhibits, there are interesting surprises at the end of each one. Take the day off and spend it at this site! One hint: if you find yourself in an infinite loop, pull down your "GO" menu to get the intended message. Piotr's hotlist is another good example of "less is more." I wish I could leave this site up here for a month. Please send me more sites like this one."