The GIST Magazine
The Spleen Review
January 1997

"Text and imagery blend in sepia-tone elegance in the Web-work of Polish-American artist Piotr Szyhalski -- one of the few to utilize computer tools seamlessly and unselfconsciously, focusing attention on the message and not the medium. In installations like "The Will Power Clinic" and "Amends," he uses emotional interactivity to explore well-being; in his astonishingly creative "Electric Posters" (viewable both in Shockwave format and not), he give blithe, organic body to such as precepts as Temptation, writes of the blind spot in the optic nerve, a necessary opening to let optic fibers pass through. "In this case it is necessary, then, to sacrifice some portion of reality to recognize all the rest...[like] singular thoughts never realized, but essential to our understanding of everything. "Computer-based art comes of age.

--Frank Lovece...with a ten-buck congrats to Michael Fox for suggesting this site!"