Interviews about the past, the present, and
the future of the Internet

by Ciceron Interactive
March 1996

Q. What most excites you about the Web as an art form? A. 1. The fact that the artwork is immaterial. I have always worked about/towards the situation in which both the artist and the viewer are forced to realize the temporality of the artwork, and hopefully, to conclude, that what defines the art is not the formal characteristics of the work, but the experience it induces. Web seems an ideal place for further exploration of ephemera in/as art. The work I offer within The Spleen CONSISTS of experience, producing no tangible residue. I am fascinated by the fragility of this medium.

2. The intimacy of the process. The fact that in a way, I am constructing the artistic proposition for large quantities of people, but assuming the experience is taking place in a relatively intimate setting of a home or office. So in the end there is me alone on this end of art, and there is you alone on the other end of it. All that fills the space between us is a thought, an emotion, a message, a signal with no physical equivalent.


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