The Will Power Clinic

If you are not the man/woman you want to be, if your behavior doesn't measure up to your ideals, probably the trouble is not with your talents, but with your will power. It is true that it is up to you to become more courageous, more enduring, more determined, more disciplined. The task is by no means an easy one, but it is perfectly possible.

By trying out the following psychological experiment on yourself, you will doubtlessly be struck by the fact that you are full of drives and motives which contradict each other, that often you are propelled by desires which are equally strong but mutually irreconcilable. That conflict of motives is perhaps the most characteristic phenomenon of human life.
Here you will find what you need to train your will and to toughen it up.

This is the core of everything, this is the basis for your self-improvement.

Enter The Will Power Clinic now.